Vaccination Guidelines

Canine Wellness Schedule
Age Vaccine Other Procedures
6 wks old 1st DA2PP Physical Exam, Deworming and Fecal Exam(bring sample) 
9-11 wks 2nd DA2PP Physical Exam and Deworming 
14-16 wks 3rd DA2PP Physical Exam
  Rabies with license
6 months   Ovariohysterectomy(spay) or Castration (neuter)
1 Year DA2PP (1 yr) Physical Exam and Fecal Exam
  Rabies (3 yr)  
2 Years DA2PP (3 yr) Physical Exam, Heartworm Test and Fecal Exam 
3+ Years Rabies and DA2PP Physical exam, Fecal Exam and Heartworm Testing (every 2yrs) 
  alternating every   
  3 yrs following   
  vaccine series  
** Non-core vaccines (based on individual risk)
     Bordatella bronchiseptica (aka Kennel Cough)
          Initial series of two vaccines 2-3 weeks apart, then every 6-12 months 
           (based on exposure/risk)
      Crotalus toxoid (aka Rattlesnake Vaccine)

         Initial series of two vaccines 4 weeks apart, then yearly

Feline Wellness Schedule
Age Vaccine Other Procedures
7-8 Wks 1st PRC Physical Exam, FIV/FeLV Test, Deworming and Fecal Exam (bring sample)
  1st FeLV  
9-11 Wks 2nd PRC Physical Exam and Deworming
  2nd FeLV  
14-16 Wks 3rd PRC Physical Exam
  Rabies w/license  
6 months   Ovariohysterectomy (spay) or Castration (neuter) and Microchip
1 Year Rabies (1yr) Physical Exam and Fecal Exam 
  PRC (3yr)  
  FeLV(if any outdoor exposure)  
2+ Years Rabies (yearly) Physical Exam and Fecal Exam
  PRC (every 3 yrs)  
  FeLV (yearly for at-risk cats)  


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