International Health Certificates

Instructions for Searching Aphis/USDA website regarding International Health Certificates

Logon to

  • Click on import/export on left side of screen, then
  • Click on animals, also on left side, then
  • Click on export from US (left side of screen)
  • Scroll down and click on live animal
  • Scroll down and click country under live animal

There you will find requirements for exporting your pet to different countries. Please pay special attention to time requirements on certain tests, microchipping, etc

After you have collected the information, you can then make an appointment with a doctor to go over paperwork (you do not need to bring in pet for this appointment). There will be a charge for this visit.

After this appointment we can schedule another  appointment to examine your pet and do appropriate testing (if applicable), and fill out Health Certificate

All international travel requires a form called the "7001" . It needs to be filled out 10 days prior to travel and has to be overnighted to USDA in Austin to be signed by the USDA vet. You will need to include the appropriate fee and a self-addressed overnight envelope so that USDA can return the signed paperwork to you as soon as possible.

Some international travel requires an additional bilingual health certificate when traveling. This, too, has a fee attached to it and also needs to be sent to USDA in Austin.

All this information will be found on the website above

International travel to Japan, New Zealand, Hawaii, and Australia (possibly some others) need a Rabies titer done at least 45 days before travel (45 days starts when Lab receives the sample) so it takes about 2 months over all.


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